Website Re-haul!

Hello there!

You may be wondering how this blog post has appeared and that is because of receiving some constructive criticism, I have completely re-hauled this website! Hopefully everything looks a lot better and is much easier to access – if you do have any other tips or feedback then please comment below!

So what is new? Well, seeing as I have already mentioned the blog post, I may as well start with saying that I have created a blog! My plan for the blog is to post about any performances I do (depending on how much time I get to take pictures etc!) and any news.

I’ve added lots more videos so that you can hear what I sound like, but if you do want to watch anymore you can head on over to my Youtube channel (link is at the top of the page).

I’ve got lots of events coming up in 2018, my first few in the diary are playing at the Wellington Inn in Eastwood on Tuesday 9th January and then exhibiting at the Eastwood Hall Wedding Fayre on Sunday 21st January (you can get tickets here)

Thank you for checking out my new website 🙂

Beckie x

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