Should You Book A Musician For Your Wedding?

Of course you should! Although you would expect me to say that. So let me tell you why. Although having a musician perform at your wedding isn’t a necessity, it can add an extra touch to your special day. Here are 5 points as to why you should book a musician for your wedding day:

1. Many Opportunities Throughout the Day

There are many points throughout the day itself where live music can really add to the atmosphere. For example strings, such as a violin or string quartet, can be perfect for the ceremony, or a live singer either with backing tracks or guitar/piano can compliment the drinks reception. A DJ can be great for the evening reception, but a vocalist or band can really get the party going!

2. A Memorable First Dance

A live performance of your first dance can be so much better than what any recording can be. The song can be any way that you want it to be, so that it is more personal to the both of you.

3. The Day is Filled With Your Favourite Songs

You can request special songs to be performed, I’ve even had a request to perform mash-ups of a couple of songs! This way the music is tailored to your tastes and I would say that the majority of musicians would be more than happy to learn specific songs just for you. Just make sure that you give the performer enough time to learn the song, as the more time that you give them then the better the performance will be.

4. A Talking Point for Guests

A musician can be a great way to ‘break the ice’ between guests and create a talking point for them. Background music can be great to add to fill ‘lull’s in the day such as when guests are waiting around while you are having your photographs taken, but live music will get your guests more involved and will create more of an atmosphere during those times when guests are waiting.

5. Fun and Memorable

A musician can make your wedding day more fun as they have a lot more charisma than a recorded track! They add a personal touch to your wedding day, making it more memorable and they can also bounce off of your guests, especially in the evening, to make the entertainment more fun! A wedding band can really get your guests on their feet and dancing the night away!

Hopefully this post has convinced you to book a musician for your wedding, and that I am the right musician for your special day. Make sure to get in touch and we can start our conversation on how I can make your wedding a little bit more magical 🙂

Rebecca Rhosyn – Singer for your Wedding & Private Events

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