Singing Lessons for Brides/Grooms!

Have you ever thought about surprising your wife/husband on your wedding day?
How about singing a song to them on your special day?

This idea could make you jump out of your seat with excitement, or absolute terrify you (and thats ok!)

So that you feel comfortable and confident if you do want to go ahead with singing a song at your wedding, I am able to help guide you through preparing your chosen song as not only do I perform and weddings, but I also am an established vocal coach based in Nottingham.

I am offering EXCLUSIVELY for brides/grooms a set of 5 singing lessons for just £89.00 (instead of £100), where we will spend time working on your vocal technique as well as performance techniques.

I have taught many brides and grooms before, and to help keep your performance a secret, I will keep my mouth zipped 🙂

If you would like any more information, take a look my page all about singing lessons here or take a look at my website for singing lessons, or just drop me a message if you have any questions.

Rebecca Rhosyn – Singer for your Wedding & Private Events

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