What Happens in a Pre-Wedding Meeting?

If you are thinking of booking me to sing during your wedding, I offer a free pre-wedding meeting to all of my clients so that you can properly meet me (and Kyle!) and have an informal chat about your wedding music and any questions that you might have.

I will find somewhere that is convenient for the both of us (but any suggestions are more than welcome!) so that we can sit down, relax, and get to know each other over a drink. First you can tell us what music you like and if there are any particular songs you would like to hear on your special day, and also any songs you don’t want to hear!

We would ask you questions such as what is your venue like (if we are not familiar with it) and if you would be able to find out where the power supply would be in the room, who is your wedding co-ordinator at the venue, just things like that.

If you have any other requirements, please make sure you tell us in this meeting or drop us an email afterwards! It’s useful to know little things, such as what are you bridal party colours, so that we can avoid wearing that colour on your wedding day!

However if you have any questions now, feel free to drop me an email at rebeccarhosyn@outlook.com

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