27 Facts All About Me!


  1. I chose 27 facts because I am 27 years old!
  2. In the picture above you can see my lovely birthday cake being eyed up by my parents 2 Miniature Schnauzers, Charlie & Rosie, who I love very much!
  3. I get married in April 2018 and then go straight on our honeymoon to St Lucia!
  4. I have been teaching singing and piano lessons since 2013 in my home studio.
  5. My favourite musicians are Paramore and Muse.
  6. My current hair colour blonde has lasted about 2 years…be prepared for a change come June 2018…
  7. I have been engaged to Kyle since May 2015!
  8. My favourite smell is Vanilla.
  9. I will almost always have painted nails, because I used to bite my nails and if I keep them painted, then I won’t bite them!
  10. I finished my degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2013, and graduated in 2014.
  11. I currently have a singing student playing the title role of ‘Matilda’ in London’s West End!
  12. I hate most bugs, especially spiders! (Don’t even show me pictures!)
  13. I have one brother and one sister, both younger!
  14. My favourite Disney film is The Little Mermaid
  15. A medical fact about me – I had my gallbladder removed in 2014!
  16. Musical instruments I have played – vocals, piano, violin and bass guitar
  17. I won a violin through Youtube the day after I had my gallbladder removed! It cheered me up so much!
  18. I have achieved Grade 8 in Vocals, Grade 5 in Music Theory and Grade 4 in Piano
  19. I have a particular skill at being able to play any chord on the Piano when requested, apparently it’s quite a difficult skill to be able to do!
  20. When I was applying for university, I originally wanted to be a Midwife, but failing my Biology A Level put an end to that!
  21. I completed an Anatomy course back in 2016 with a Distinction 🙂
  22. My worst school subject was Maths (I’m still terrible at it and will always use a calculator!)
  23. My favourite colour is pink
  24. I have an obsession with collecting toys and ornaments of the Disney character Stitch
  25. I judged the Grand Final of Open Mic UK back in 2017, alongside celebrity judges!
  26. I hate being cold!
  27. My bass guitar is called Buffy the Bassline Slayer!

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