Brown Cow, Mansfield


On Sunday 25th February I performed a short set at the Brown Cow in Mansfield. The reason I only did a 15 minute set is because my throat was extremely sore and I didn’t want to push it more than I needed to! At the time of writing my throat doesn’t hurt so much, but my voice is quite ‘broken’, so I’ve got until Sunday to get it better ready for  the Colwick Hall Wedding Fayre! I sang some quite easy songs at the Brown Cow so I don’t think I did extra damage to my voice by singing, it’s just letting whatever illness I have pan out!

Another mishap was that my piano stand broke! To be fair, it was quite an old stand so I’m not too annoyed about it. The picture above is my impromptu set up – thanks to Kyle & Phil for your quick thinking so that the show could go on!

As my throat was sore, I asked the audience to sing my final song, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – thank you so much for helping me out! It was also a nice change to just play piano while everyone was singing along.

This set was my last with Roots Acoustic for the near future, as I am winding down my live public performances with my wedding coming up. I will be coming back in the summer! My last performance with the piano will be at the Tap & Tumbler in Nottingham on Wednesday 21st March, where I am the guest act for their open mic evening.

Wellington Inn, Eastwood

On Tuesday 6th February I once again performed at The Wellington Inn in Eastwood. It was another fantastic evening, I was joined by Meghan Bethany, Derek and Mick Stewart.

I also had a video recorded of me, which you can watch below!

I also want to start learning some new songs for the piano, so if you have any suggestions just drop them in a comment below!

Wellington Inn, Eastwood

On Tuesday 9th January I performed a 30 minute set with my piano at The Wellington Inn in Eastwood, Nottingham. Every performance I do with Roots Acoustic is always a fun one, the crowd are always singing along and in particular, my new addition of ‘Helena’ by My Chemical Romance. I’m hoping that at my next Roots Acoustic performance, I can add in some more new songs for you all to hear!

You can check out the photos taken by Rogue Levels above.